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New Patient – Endodontic Visit

Please eat a full breakfast or lunch as applicable.

If you have been advised by your physician or dentist to use antibiotic premedication because of mitral valve prolapse (MVP), heart murmur, hip, knee, cardiac or other prosthesis, or if you have rheumatic heart disease, please make sure you are on the appropriate antibiotic on the day of your appointment. If there is a question, please call our office prior to your appointment.

Your visit with Dr. Gamson begins with listening to you. This gives you the chance to talk and tell your thoughts, concerns, and symptoms. Your endodontic consultation and examination are comprehensive. Please ask questions. Your treatment options will be reviewed.

Should root canal therapy be required, the treatment is often performed in one or two visits, depending on the complexity and diagnosis. Your treatment will be performed using the latest advancements in local anesthesia. There are usually no restrictions after the procedure concerning driving or returning to work. Continue all medications for blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid problems and any other conditions as recommended by your physician. Most patients return to the normal daily activities following treatment. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU RETURN TO YOUR REFERRING DENTIST FOLLOWING YOUR ENDODONTIC CARE. This next appointment, for the final restoration of the endodontically treated tooth, by your referring dentist, should be done within three weeks of the completion of your endodontic care. We will send an endodontic treatment report, including x-rays, to your referring dentist's office. Six months after your endodontic visit you will be sent a reminder to schedule a follow-up evaluation, for the assessment of the healing. There is no fee for this evaluation.

If you have any questions, please call our office at 301-493-4496

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